At LA Thermography, we offer radiation-free breast cancer screening and full body scans, and what thermography does is it measures the heat variances in your body that are caused by the additional blood flow that’s helping a tumor grow. So, it can actually detect cancer years earlier than conventional methods because it’s a physiological approach to detecting abnormalities as opposed to anatomically, and there’s no contact, no compression, no radiation. So, it’s safe at any age. Women between 20 and 40 who don’t typically have a screening they can get thermography. And it’s great for women of all ages to get a yearly thermogram to give them more information on what may be growing.

This is not a very clear image compared to the ones that we actually have with our cameras, but you see the heat differences. The darker colors, the purple and blues would be the colder areas where as the reds and yellows would be the warmer areas.

Now, if you see a difference we measure a Delta T average between the two sides, and if we allow for 2° temperature difference if it gets up to three or four, than that’s a very suspicious factor. In this case, you can see the red and yellow on this side that isn’t present on this side. So, this can give your doctors a warning that something is developing.

I recommend a woman get a yearly thermogram because if you measure the difference between one year to the next you can tell if something is growing, and the great thing about it is there’s no contact, no compression. It’s safe for women at any age. And I think every woman should have a thermogram whether they’re between 20 and 40, or over 40. Visit for more information.

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