Lorraine Rosenthal:  The Cancer Control Society was formed in 1973 as a non-profit California corporation to inform the public and professionals about alternative cancer therapies and nutritional approaches to cancer, and other diseases.

We go to many shows, about 20 shows a year. We have our own convention and we just had one, oh I guess, three or four weeks ago. That was our 39th annual cancer convention, and we’re already out here getting ready to publicize our 40th annual cancer convention. We have a lot to offer in the way of information that is a little hard to find.

If somebody has cancer, they can call us and I spend about five or ten minutes on the phone telling them about doctors near them. They have a right to know and a lot of them don’t, or a lot of them don’t want to know. They say well I trust my doctor and he knows everything. Well, the sad fact is that he doesn’t know everything, and they don’t tell their patients that there’s alternatives out there. There’s hundreds of alternative cancer therapies. A simple one is selenium. Anybody can get selenium. Many people can start treating themselves because what we’re telling them about is non-toxic, and we even have a patient list where they can talk to patients with the same cancer and learn about what they did, how they’re doing. There’s a great need for these type of doctors that do give alternative therapies and they are out there whether they go to Europe or Mexico or the US. They are there. They’re hard to find, but we do have the list, at www.CancerControlSociety.com