Dr. Donald Trepany, DC (Los Angeles, CA): Hey! This is Jose. He’s been a patient for now about a month and before hand, you were coming to me for a few months a ways back a couple of years ago a ways back.

Jose: About two years ago?

Dr. Donald Trepany, DC: Yeah, two years ago, and you came for?

Jose: My back.

Dr. Donald Trepany, DC: Your back originally, yeah.

Jose: Yes.

Dr. Donald Trepany, DC:  Well, go ahead turn around let’s show them that back. So, basically what I’m going to do is I’m going to find the interference in the spine. And what’s the interference? Well, that’s when the bones in the vertebrae move out of place. They create an interference to what the nerves are trying to do. It’s kind of like the bridge is out. It’s not all the way out. We’d be dead, but it’s down. So, and that brain has a signal. It has to get out and when those bones those vertebrae in the spine be it up here, or all the way down here move out of place, that nerve gets blocked. The signal gets blocked. The information going to and from. So, if it’s going to an arm, shoulder, heart, lungs, spleen…you name it. Every part of our body has a nerve supply. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m looking for the interference here and adjusting it moving the bones. That’s the adjustment. Moves the bone off the nerve so the signal to get out.

I’m starting checking the spine from C1 all the way down. Now, what I’m looking for is tension, tension in the individual bones of the neck because when were subluxated, when the bones out of place there’s a lot of tension around it because the body is trying to pull it back. We get subluxated thousands times a day and our bodies correct most of them, but the ones I find those are the ones that the body couldn’t correct. So, now I’m just going to turn the head and give a little push on it and that bone moves…it’s like a trap door giving. When the trapped door gives, when it’s successful…the adjustment is successful there’s a calmness there. That pulling is gone. Now there’s a little one on the other side. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to…I found some on the right here, and these nerves go into your heart and lungs. The heart has a couple of different levels of nerves supply so that’s just one of them. Now we’re going down. If you envision a piece of food going down the esophagus and going into the stomach. We’re right about there right now. The reason for the different positions is because different parts of the spine have what are called facet joints (?), or the…certain joints in the spine that open up with the adjustment and they’re oriented differently as you go down the spine, and so that’s why the different positions.

Jose: You come in feeling a little bit of a pinch…a little bit of pain and as soon as he cracks your back…as soon as he does what he does you feel at flow. Like just you feel at flow.

Larry: Does it hurt?

Jose: No, not at all. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before I recommend you come in. You’ll keep coming back.

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