Dr. Donald Trepany, DC (Los Angeles): Hello! This is Danielle and Debbie, mother-daughter. She’s the daughter. Anyway she’s been getting adjusted what was it she was like…I came over to your house.

Debbie: To our house…I think she was two days old.

Dr. Donald Trepany: Two days old, and I adjusted her right then and there. Every baby should be checked for sublexations because if there’s…if you’re a baby and if you have nerve interference, right from the get-go you’re never going to grow like you should. And look at her, she’s doing well. See little kids get interfered with too cause they’re running and jumping and studying and having school and everything so we check for these nerve interference places that…where the vertebrae has gone out of position. So it squeezes the nerve. It chokes the nerve, if you will because it’s choking information. It doesn’t hurt usually the sublexation, but it definitely causes damage because it’s choking the nerve, and I’m just going to check top to bottom. And we’re going to get the ones that are out and leave the ones alone that are in.

Here we go, Danielle. That’s it. That’s too much school. You have to play a little more. There we go. Just a little more. We’re going to check that one a little more when you’re on your back. There we go. One more…right…Come on. There we go. Awesome. Good.

Debbie: Thanks, Don. I bring my kids to the chiropractor because I think it helps them stay healthy, and if they are sick it helps them get better faster, and I exercise a lot so I want to stay healthy. I can’t stand being sick so it’s very important to come in and keep yourself in line to stay healthy and be a positive person. Coming in to Doctor Don is a great way to do it.

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