If you’ve been to my website or read my book, The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living, you’ll know that I advocate eating more whole foods and eating less processed foods. Processed foods are foods like breads, pastas, anything that comes out of a box, anything that comes out of a can, anything that comes out of the freezer for that matter. And a whole food is something you find in the produce section. The problem is most people don’t know what to do with whole foods once they get them. So in my opinion, one of the easiest ways to eat more whole foods is to make stir fries. So in this video, I want to share with you a few tips that I have on how to make really delicious stir fries.

My first tip is to use a pan that doesn’t have a toxic coating on it. Most pans have some sort of a toxic coating where when you heat it up, when you put food into it there’s some sort of toxin being released into the food. So, for example, I use a pan called Green Pan. It has a nontoxic coating on it. There are other pans out there that have nontoxic coatings. There’s one made byCuisinart (Cuisinart Green Gourmet) and there’s others. And you can also use a stainless steel pan although there’re more expensive, but the idea is to use a pan that isn’t going to put toxins into your food, and above all, you want to stay away from aluminum pans because they definitely put toxins into your food. So, first off find a pan that has nontoxic coding.

Okay, the next thing you need is something to fry your food in, like some sort of an oil, and there are several good oils out there. There are several good oils out there, and there’s several bad oil, and unfortunately most people use the bad oils. I talk a lot about refined oil in my book and on my website so I won’t go into it too much here, but basically stay away from anything that you buy in the conventional grocery store for the most part. You need to go to health food store and get a properly processed oil; cold-processed is what you want. And what I recommend is coconut oil. I love coconut oil. It’s very, very good for you. It works very well in high temperature. It doesn’t matter which brand you buy as long as you get it at health food store, and I think if you start frying with coconut oil, you are going to absolutely love it.

So, that’s the first thing. Get coconut oil, melt that into your pan and fry it with coconut oil. So, you next question is probably what should you stir fry. And, this video isn’t really about a recipe per se it’s about philosophy, or a way to approach creating your stir fry. So, the basic idea is you start with dense food first and then you work with less dense food. So, if you have potatoes or burdock root or something dense, you put that in first and then something less dense like say broccoli, and then something even less dense like leafy greens. So, it doesn’t matter. Choose a bunch of vegetables. Dense goes in first, less dense next, leafy greens or very, very light goes in last.

So, as you put the vegetables into the pan, you want to continually be stirring the vegetables around so that they’re browning on all sides. Not dark brown, but you know just a little bit brown so that’s kind of the point of a stir fry. Everything gets just a little bit of browned.

Okay, now here’s the fun part. Once your vegetables are slightly browned what you want to do is add a little bit of water and add a little bit of shoyu sauce. Now, shoyu sauce is basically a soy sauce. There’s tamari sauce and shoyu sauce. They’re both different types of soy sauce. You add the soy sauce, the shoyu sauce, the tamari sauce…You add the shoyu sauce to your pan where the water is, and you add (oh, I don’t know) maybe a tablespoon full, and then you stir it all up. Stir all your vegetables, and then simultaneously right after you’ve added your shoyu sauce, add a spice. And I like cumin. Cumin is an awesome earthy flavor. You can add any other spice as well like Mexican spice seasoning, which is another favorite of mine or any other kind of spice. And, once you blend all these flavors together and you cook it for just another moment or two, you will have an amazing stir fry. I guarantee it, and if you go to my website and look under healthy recipes, you’ll actually see me using these ingredients in stir fry recipes that I’ve produced. And, feel free to watch any of those videos as well because there I actually show you how to do it, but this video is more about philosophy so I hope that helps you.

You start off with a Green Pan or some sort of non-toxic, nonstick pan. Put coconut oil in, add some vegetables. Stir fry it until they are slightly browned. Add a little bit of water. Add shoyu sauce. Add cumin or some other spice. Stir it a little bit more. You’ll have a delicious stir fry. I guarantee it.

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