Hi! I’m Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, also known as The Healthy Voyager.  I’d like to tell you about some fantastic aromatherapy soap that I’ve tried and like very much. I love this soap because it leaves my skin silky smooth like no other soap I’ve used, and it smells amazing!  It’s an all-natural aromatherapy soap made by Plantlife. Their soaps are handcrafted using natural, cruelty-free ingredients that include pure essential oils and organic botanicals.

Plantlife uses a “cold process” manufacturing method. This means that they don’t add heat or chemicals during the manufacturing process, and that produces two unique qualities.  First, the soap retains the medicinal value of the added essential oils, and this is why they emit such a powerful and delightful fragrance. Second, although glycerin is usually an unused by-product of the soap making process, Plantlife does not remove the glycerin because it promotes retention of moisture. And that makes Plantlife soap gentle enough for even the driest and most sensitive of skin.

Plantlife soap comes in a wide variety of scents, from earthy, to flowery, to everything in between. With over two dozen types to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find several in the Plantlife collection that you’ll fall in love with!  You can get these awesome aromatherapy soaps, and other great all natural body care products at the Plantlife website, www.plantlife.net.

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