I’m Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, also known as The Healthy Voyager.  I’d like to share with you an incredible product called Pest-Off.  Pest-Off is a chemical and DEET free, 100% all natural insect repellent body oil manufactured by Plantlife. This body oil repellent is a blend of pure plant and essential oils known for their insect repelling properties. The natural ingredients not only give a layer of insect protection for the skin, but the ingredients also leave the skin soft and fresh smelling.

Because this product uses only 100% pure plant ingredients, it is safe for daily use, and is especially good for children for that very reason. It smells incredible and it really works, without having harmful chemicals or that greasy feel found in conventional insect repellents. The Plantlife Body Oils are formulated to help make soft and silky skin by using rich plant oils, such as Neem and Karanja Oils, that quickly absorb into the skin. Once applied, they leave a light aroma all day long.

This is the perfect product for people who love the outdoors and it will keep the fun pest free, the natural way. Plantlife Pest-Off is also available as a bar soap, essential oil and even a healing balm that can be applied to insect bites. You can buy Pest-Off and other great all natural body care products at the Plantlife website, www.plantlife.net.

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