Last week, I woke up with a sore throat and I decided to take some remedies to help get over the sore throat and the achy feeling I was having. And, I’d like to share with you today what I took that actually helped me get over it in one day.

Vitamin C
First up is vitamin C. Now, I used this vitamin C that I got from a naturopathic doctor friend of mine: Dr. Angela Agrios, ND. You can use any vitamin C. Vitamin C builds the immune system and just kind of makes everything work better. You can take 1000 mg a day or 2000 mg a day. You basically keep increasing your dosage until you have a loose stool, and then you back off a little bit. And, then you just keep taking that vitamin C until you’re better.

Wellness Formula
An excellent formula to take is the Wellness Formula. Now, the Wellness Formula, you open it up and you smell, and you smell power. It is packed with herbs and all kinds of vitamins and minerals and nutrition that you need that helps your body get over whatever sickness you may be encountering. I highly recommend the Wellness Formula. It’s got stuff like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, selenium, copper, sodium, garlic clove (you can smell the garlic), echinacea, elderberry, olive leaf, and a whole bunch of other stuff and if you get sick. Take this stuff. It’s very, very good.

Probiotic Supplements
Okay, the next thing that I recommend is acidophilus, a probiotic. Now, I found this acidophilus in my refrigerator, which is where you want to keep acidophilus. I only had a few left, but acidophilus is basically friendly bacteria that your gut needs for it to work properly, and in your gut is where your immune system is built. Or, shall we say a healthy gut builds a strong immune system. So, friendly bacteria into the gut. Build your immune system helps you get over that sickness faster.

Herbal Remedy: Echinacea
So, the next remedy is echinacea. Now, echinacea basically gives your immune system a jump start. It like boosts the immune system. It gets it going. This one is from Dr. Schulze. Dr. Schulze makes his own line of herbal remedies. One thing I like about Dr. Schulze is he’s very much into putting in lots of the herb. In other words, he makes them strong. You really need strength. You need high dosages when something is going wrong with your body. Different from a maintenance dose. A maintenance dose you take a little bit over time. It kind of keeps everything working. When you got something going on, you take a therapeutic dose and that’s what you really want to have, therapeutic dose. So, Dr. Schulze understands that. His Echinacea comes with garlic and pepper, as in the cayenne pepper only he uses a different kind, but similar. And the heat and the garlic and the Echinacea, again, super charges the immune system.

Homeopathic Remedy: Triple Flu Defense
Okay, the next remedy is a homeopathic remedy. In this case, it’s the Triple Flu Defense. They make a new batch every year based on whatever strains they think are going to be affecting people in that year. And, the thing about homeopathic remedies is this: it works at an energetic level and, you know, a lot of people don’t quite buy into that, but let me explain something to you. (A) It works; (B) If you were to take apart your cell phone, would you understand exactly how it works? All the electronics? No, me neither, but you use it every day because why? It works. So, homeopathic remedies work. They work at an energetic level. They basically send a pulse into your energetic field. And, that gets the field doing what it needs to do to start healing.

Shop at a Health Food Store
Okay, that’s it for now. I hope this helps you. Next time you get sick, instead of thinking about doing a flu shot why don’t you think about going to your health food store, going to the supplement section and getting a bunch of supplements and natural remedies to get over that sickness faster by helping your body do what it knows how to do, which is heal.

  4 Responses to “Sore Throat? Flu? Sick? Try Natural Remedies For A Fast Recovery”

  1. Great video Larry!! Definitely going to try some of the items you suggested. Very good to know about the therapeutic dosages. I will have to try that one instead of the oil of oregano, which is what I normally use. I was just recently sick with the flu and unfortunately ran out of vitamin C at the same time, which was probably why I was sick in the first place. :( I have staph so my immune system is already burdened. I was prescribed standard process congaplex, and have been trying to get rid my staph for months through the nutrition as well as diet. But usually the congaplex blend stops anything in it’s tracks before it gets started, well not this time. Had this happened two years ago before I took responsibility for my own health, I would be first completely bed ridden and then hospitalized, then stuck with needles and pumped full of strong anti-biotics and then break out in a extremely itchy body rash!!! Sounds like fun eh? I think if i hadn’t been guided towards natural medicines and natural living I would eventually end up dying because of never being actually treated for anything!!! Love what you do!!! Educating and informing people!! Because people just don’t know. Unless you were brought up with this kind of thinking, it’s hard for most people to trust it. Once you do the results speak for themselves! I haven’t needed any anti-biotics or hospitalization, or even a visit to the doctor!! At least the next generation of my family will be informed about their health; Already my daughter knows about vitamins and herbs and she’s only two!! Your a good man Mr. Larry Cook!!! Just keep it up and one day we will live in a different world!!

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