Larry Cook, Natural Health Author & Video Producer: Most of us who educate others about national health and natural living topics agree that GMO food, or genetically modified organisms, should not be in our food supply. It’s probably not going to happen where we can get a ban on that kind of food, but one thing that we are looking to make happen is to get the GMO food labeled here in United States of America. It is labeled in other countries, but it’s not labeled here and while I was at the Green Festival in Los Angeles here a few weeks ago, I talked with Pamm Larry who has single-handedly launched an effort here in California to get GMO food labeled. Here’s what she has to say:

Pamm Larry, Green Festival, Los Angeles, CA, October 2011: Hi! My name is Pamm Larry, and I call myself initial instigator of the initiative to get genetically engineered foods on our ballot in California in the year of 2012. This movement started off with one person in March—that would’ve been me—and now we have over 100 leaders throughout the state that organizing their communities having tabling events, showing films and we’re now starting to gear up for getting…gathering signatures. Which is really exciting! So, people want to know what a GMO is.

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms which are also called genetically engineered foods. This is not a hybrid, okay. It’s not a hybrid. It’s not grafting. It’s not anything that could happen in nature. What this is…is in a laboratory setting they take the DNA structure from one plant, animal, organism, or whatever and insert it into…They take it out. They extract it, and they unnaturally insert it into another plant, animal, bacteria, organism, or whatever. And, then they make seeds out of that and then they plant it. So, for instance, there’s this bacteria called Bacillus Thuringiensis, also called Bt. Okay. It can kill bugs. It’s a naturally occurring organism that’s in the soil. They take the genetic part out that kills the bugs. They extract it, and they insert it into the DNA structure of the corn so that when a bug eats the corn, the bug dies.

The thing is though then they take that corn and they make our corn chips. They also do things like they feed it to the animals and the animals eat it. And the animals are having a lot of problems now. That have been studied. It’s been studied. There are a lot of allergy problems. There’ve been a lot of infertility problems, increased toxicity, gastrointestinal problems. It’s a mess. Unfortunately, there have been no long-term studies. That’s right. No long-term studies on humans, on the effects of genetically engineered foods. So, we the people of California, feel like it’s time to label them. So that we can know what we’re eating, be given the option of eating them or not, and then be able to track whether they’re causing problems in us, and our children.

So, anyway thanks. Please join us. Come to Please help us gather signatures. We’re going to be getting started really soon. You’ll be trained. It’ll be fun. You go out with friends. It’s not scary. Join us and make us very powerful. Thank you very much.

Larry Cook, Natural Health Author & Video Producer: And, if you want to avoid GMO food completely, you can eat organically grown food. That’s the easiest way right now to avoid GMO food. I also talk about GMO food on my website, and why to avoid it. I give an in-depth explanation, and if you want to help out Pamm with what she’s doing, go to her website If you like this video, please let us know and hit the like button. If you want to see more videos like this please subscribe, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave those as well. I’m Larry Cook. Thank you for watching.

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