Mario from Tribest Corporation at the Green Festival, Los Angeles, CA, October 2011: So, I’m here to explain the benefits of juicing. One of the benefits of juicing is that it…you are able to get in as many nutrients and digestive enzymes into your body as fast as possible because it…the…It allows the body to be free of the digestion process so it is able to get those nutrients a lot faster. Our Green Star juicers operate at 110 rpm so it allows for the preservation of the nutrients and enzymes, greater preservation. It also has bio-ceramic magnetic technology within the within the twin gears of the juicer. So, that’s another tool that allows us to preserve the nutrients and enzymes in the fruit and vegetable juices for as long as possible. If you’d like to order our Green Star juicers, or any of our other products, our personal blender, our food dehydrator, our sprouter, you can go ahead and visit us at our website which is

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